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January 2011

BAPC6: Sit On Your Stoop

BAPC: Building a Professional Community

In the halcyon images of “communities” as presented to us by network television, especially prior to the advent of online media, there is this folksy image of people sitting on the front porches of their homes, saying hello to passers by, keeping a mindful eye out for lost dogs, kittens stuck in trees, truant children, neighborhood bullies and big bad strangers.  These days, most of us don’t have a front step, with a porch, and a swinging chair, or a neighborhood that would be receptive to “stoop sitting.”  We hide out in our backyards (if …

BAPC 5 – Greet People

Let me share with you what I am learning:

A wise woman once told me – People don’t remember what you say as much as they remember how you made them feel.  The first step in making people feel good about their interaction with you takes place in the first part of every interaction they have with you.   While first impressions are “forever” you have opportunities to hit the reset button every time you interact with them.

Identify yourself on the phone.  I HATE it when I have to guess who is phoning me.  Don’t rely on call display or …

3 Words for 2011 a la Chris Brogan & Friends

I’m jumping on Chris Brogan’s bandwagon and sailing out beyond the breakwater into 2011 with three words as navigational buoys to launch me into the new year, help me stay on course and avoid the rocks, and to keep the Good Ship Susan afloat during the inevitably turbulent seas of life in the year ahead.  You still need a compass whether the seas are smooth or rough.  (There’s also the lesson of the Plimsoll line – but that’s for another post on work life balance).

My three words are taken from a program I developed called “The Spiral of Life” …